EV Charging Service

If you require the hotel's car charging service, it is currently provided in collaboration with 【EVALUE】. Please take note of the following information
  1. Windsor Hotel Taichung offers a standard charging station with a power of 17.6 kW. The charging stations are situated on the basement 4th floor of the hotel at parking spaces 58, 59, 72, 73, 77, and 78.
  2. There are six available parking spaces. Kindly inform the staff in advance if you require charging services. As reservations cannot be made in advance, arrangements will be made based on the day's traffic conditions if necessary.
  3. To utilize the service, please download the [EVALUE] Application on your mobile phone and register as a member. Bind a credit card to your account for payment purposes.
  4. Open the [EVALUE] Application and zoom in on the charging station map until the current location of the charging station is displayed on your screen.
  5. Select a charging station and, before clicking Enable Charging, please ensure that the charging pile number on the screen matches the selected charging station number. Once you have confirmed the correct number, click Enable Charging.
  6. After clicking Enable Charging, scan the QR Code on the charging station. Within a few seconds, the system will automatically activate the charging station, and the charging station light will begin to flash.
  7. Insert the charging cable into your vehicle's charging port to commence charging. The charging station's indicator light will illuminate to indicate charging is in progress.
  8. Once charging is complete, insert the charging cable back into the charging station. The system will automatically process the checkout and payment. The cost details will be displayed on the app.
  9. The charging rate is NT$6.5 per kWh. Actual charges will be adjusted based on the duration of charging, and the pricing will be reflected on your mobile phone display.

Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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