App members will receive great rewards.

The Winsorhotel 's official app has now garnered over ten thousand friends since its launch.
To express our gratitude to all those who have supported Winsorhotel, we are introducing exceptional app offers during this season of thanksgiving.
We welcome new friends to join us and invite our old friends to continue supporting us.

Six Special Gifts for New Members:

  1. Joining members receive a complimentary 50 points.
  2. Joining members receive a NT$100 cash voucher applicable to all purchases.
  3. Members who upgrade within 30 days will receive an additional 500 points.
  4. New members receive a free shipping voucher for our online shopping mall.
  5. New members receive a 10% discount voucher for our online shopping mall's five-star dining.
  6. New members receive a discount voucher of NT$100 off for every NT$1000 spent in our online shopping mall.

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Windsor Hotel Taichung 裕元花園酒店

TEL: 886-4-24656555  FAX: 886-4-24658555

40764 No.610, Sec. 4, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)