Sincere hospitality, a well-kept promise of Roses. Enjoy the enormous and delicious food at our buffet. We create a new self-service concept with the most authentic and exotic food from the world for you to choose. Indulge in unforgettable taste sensations.
  • Floor B1F
  • Category Buffet
  • Service Hours Breakfast 06:00~10:00 / Lunch 11:30-14:00 / Dinner 17:30-21:00/ Afternoon tea buffet 14:30-16:30 Afternoon tea buffet open every Thur.-Sun.

Minimum / Average Charge

  • 【Breakfast】
  • Adult NT$680 Child NT$350 Kid NT$200
  • 【Lunch】
  • (Weekday)Adult NT$980 Child NT$550 Kid NT$300
  • (Weekend)Adult NT$1,180 Child NT$650 Kid NT$350
  • 【Afternoon Tea】
  • Adult NT$780 Child NT$450 Kid NT$250
  • 【Dinne】
  • (Weekday)Adult NT$1,080 Child NT$550 Kid NT$300
  • (Weekend)Adult NT$1,180 Child NT$650 Kid NT$350
  • ※ An additional 10% service fee will be charged to the above price list.
  • ※ Promotion will be available for children with a height between 90~125cm.
  • ※ Price list on special festivities will be based on the announcement made by the hotel.

Chef Recommend

  • Five-star hotel international cuisines Our menu includes a wide variety of international cuisines, beverages, and desserts, catering to diverse palate preferences. Come and enjoy a culinary extravaganza of exotic flavors and delights.
  • Freshly grilled USDA beef steak Our chef prepares a unique marinade that locks in the delicious meat juices. With just one cut, you'll experience the irresistible tenderness and succulent flavor. Accompanied by roasted garlic, it enhances the aroma and elevates the overall dining experience.
  • Selection of premium sashimi Our skilled Japanese chefs prepare them on-site, ensuring the utmost freshness and quality. Choose from a variety of options, including nigiri sushi, decorative sushi rolls, and scattered sushi, for an exquisite and top-tier dining experience.