Windsor Hotel Taichung is centrally located in the main hub of the Taiwan Boulevard. The characteristic building employs the beautiful twin architectural design and is surrounded by a private garden. In addition, it is the premium hotel closest to Taichung HSR station.

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A trip of knowledge full of quality and energy. An enjoyment of plentiful and various delicacies. It will bring the most honorable, luxurious experience to your tastes. Whether it is for vacations, delicacies, meetings, or banquets, you will feel all these enjoyments with great pleasure so that your most important moment can have a beautiful beginning.
  • Book two nights and get a discount

    Book two nights and get a discount

    Official website designated day extended stay promotion, 1+1 nights, starting from NT$6,999, an average of only NT$1,750 per person per night, including a lavish buffet breakfast and hotel facilities.
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  • Dali Art Plaza|Light and Mirror Installation Art

    Dali Art Plaza|Light and Mirror Installation Art

    30 minutes away from Windsor Hotel Taichung, immerse yourself in the captivating world of technology art at Dali Art Plaza. Through an immersive new media experience, embark on a journey into the realm of technology-driven art.
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  • Beef Hamburg Croissant|Rose Corner Bakery

    Beef Hamburg Croissant|Rose Corner Bakery

    Beef Burger Patty Croissant: Launching on 5/23, An absolute delight!
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  • Sustainable Tourism

    Sustainable Tourism

    Under the management philosophy of "green, sustainable, and friendly", we are committed to creating an environmentally friendly travel environment. To achieve the goal of sustainable development, starting from January 1, 2024, we will no longer provide single-use packaged toiletries and personal care products in our guest rooms.
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  • Afternoon Meal Discount|Windsor Café

    Afternoon Meal Discount|Windsor Café

    During the event, adults dining in for afternoon meal will receive a 50% discount on the second person's meal (excluding service charge).
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  • Mortlach|Zhe Chinese Restaueant

    Mortlach|Zhe Chinese Restaueant

    Dine at Zhe Chinese Restaueant and enjoy a complimentary featured dish with the purchase of Mortlach 16-year-old single malt whisky.
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  • Dinnng Offer | Birthday Exclusive

    Dinnng Offer | Birthday Exclusive

    Windsor Hotal Taichung offers exclusive dining discounts for birthday celebration, making your birthday even more special and memorable.
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  • Elder Benefits | Windsor Café

    Elder Benefits | Windsor Café

    Enjoy a 35% discount on weekdays and a 30% discount on weekends for dining at Windsor Café for guests aged 65 and above.
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  • Draw Lots Banquet | Zhe Abalone Chinese Restaurant

    Draw Lots Banquet | Zhe Abalone Chinese Restaurant

    Windsor Hotel Taichung teams up with Taosi Art Gallery to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime joy of the Draw Lots celebration. Together, we invite you to commemorate this special moment and create lasting memories.
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  • Happy Birthday | Celebrate Your Special Day

    Happy Birthday | Celebrate Your Special Day

    Our exclusive offer, available only on our official website, is the "Happy Birthday | Celebrate Your Special Day" package. This package includes a one-night stay with two meals. As the birthday celebrant, you will be upgraded to our business room, where you can savor breathtaking views and indulge in delectable cuisine alongside your cherished friends and family.
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  • New product!Fragrance De Windsor

    New product!Fragrance De Windsor

    Fragrance de Windsor collection invites you to diffuse or reignite your favorite memories at home. Discover our scented candles and diffusers. The new fragrance by Windsor Hotel celebrates traveler, embracing their diversity and uniqueness. Brings together a oakmoss and a patchouli of the forest, an iconic piece from the Windsor Hotel,perfectly embodying the captivating charm of a fragrant journey.
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  • Radiant Bride | Blissful Bride Suite Package

    Radiant Bride | Blissful Bride Suite Package

    After a romantic proposal and the mutual commitment to spend a lifetime together, you are now in the midst of planning your dream wedding. Are you still searching for the perfect venue to celebrate your union? Let us alleviate your worries and become your ultimate partner in creating unforgettable memories.
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    ZHE ABALONE chinese restaurant's signature delicacy "Roast goos" will officially debut on the winter solstice, November 8th.
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  • APP | Earn Points  for Discounts

    APP | Earn Points for Discounts

    APP members with card levels and above can enjoy unlimited point redemptions!
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